Some very interesting information on how the Florida Charter sector is performing in comparison to the regular public schools.

According to Florida Department of Education
data, Florida had more than 270,000 charter school students
in the 2015-16 school year. More than 16 percent of
Florida’s public schools are charters and 9 percent
of students are enrolled in charters. Florida charter
schools educate a majority-minority student population, with white students constituting only 33 percent of the student
body total. . . .
A charter sector that continues to grow while NAEP cohort gains continue to improve should be welcomed and encouraging news for Floridians. However, one source of data measured in one way is not enough to draw conclusions about a sector as a whole. For instance, it could be that Florida charters performed so low on prior exams that large cohort gains, while encouraging, still represent low overall performance. In other words, it may be that they gained so much because they started so low.
Overall NAEP scores tell us different, however. On all four exams, Florida charter schools scored better than both the
national average and Florida district average in 2015—often reflecting the large improvements measured by cohort gains.
See the article for graphs and more analysis.

Source: ExcelinEd_Florida-Charter-Growth-Report_July-2017.pdf

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