Florida Education Law

Hello, I’m Attorney Daniel Woodring, and I have been heavily engaged in Education Law and Policy in Florida for over twenty years. You can read more about me on the Attorney Woodring page. Since Education Law is a significant practice area for my Firm, we decided to put together a website dedicated to Florida Education Law. Be sure to check out our Blog for information about current legal rulings and issues in Florida Education Law.

What do we mean when we say education law?  Many areas fall within education law. To understand the scope of our practice it might be helpful to think about who we represent.

  • We represent Charter Schools and Charter School Management Companies, in all disputes with school districts, students, teachers and the Florida and Federal Departments of Education. This includes helping them apply for a charter, appeal denials, negotiate contracts and leases, student/teacher issues, board and governance issues, and  assistance with legal compliance and investigations, including OCR investigations. In addition to being hired for specific legal problems, we also provide general counsel services to Charter Schools, and CMOs.
  • We  represent college and university students, both public and private, in disciplinary and academic matters including suspension or expulsion.
  • We represent private colleges and universities, and private K-12 schools in regulatory and compliance disputes, with local, state and federal governments, and entities such as the Commission on Independent Education. This includes disputes about eligibility to participate in state programs such as the McKay Scholarship or Tax Credit Scholarship programs.
  • We  represent vendors and education entities in procurement matters and bid protests before local school boards, state colleges and universities, and state agencies.
  • We represent teachers/administrators who have professional licensing, discipline or teacher certification issues. We can provide representation before the school district and before the State Education Practices Commission on matters relating to teacher or administrator certification.