Charter Contract Negotiation

After the district approves your application for a charter school, the real work really begins. First, you will have to negotiate a charter school contract with the district that is approved by both the district school board and your charter board. The State of Florida has created a standard charter contract that districts are supposed to use and line out any changes that they propose. It sounds like getting a completed charter contract should be fairly simple, and that was one of the main intents of doing a standard charter contract.

However districts often will propose dozens of changes to the standard charter contract if not a complete rewrite, as Miami Dade has been want to do in the past. This means that there is still some real work to do in negotiating a charter contract. Part of the challenges to get a contract completed in a timely fashion so that you can get a school open, one on a green to charter contract conditions that will hurt you once the school is opened.

We have helped negotiate charter contracts with many districts and can be helpful in getting a contract the charter school can live with them that will allow a charter to open in many circumstances. Please give us a call if you need help negotiating a charter contract with the district.