University & College

In the area of higher education, we basically provide services to students and to a lesser extent instructors and administrators, that have an issue with a public or private college or university, often relating to academics, discipline or expulsion. For teachers and administrators we sometimes represent them and free speech and First Amendment matters, and in matters relating to their tenure or employment.

We also represent private colleges and universities in regulatory matters, issues that might arise before the commission of independent education, audit or compliance questions, sometimes with the receipt of federal funds, and for some private institutions we will provide basic general counsel services for the institution.

For public universities and state colleges we also work with educational vendors on purchasing and procurement and also bid protest and negotiating contracts or litigating contract disputes.

So if you are a private college or university, and you have run into regulatory or compliance issues, please give us a call and and we can discuss whether it’s a legal matter that we can provide assistance to you on.

And if you’re an undergraduate student or a graduate or professional student and you are being threatened with suspension and expulsion or discipline for academic or bad conduct, you have no time to waste you need to talk with an attorney. The timelines for dealing with potential college or university discipline are often very short measured in days, not even weeks and if something goes wrong early in the process, your rights may be irretrievably waived. This can have serious consequences for your ability to complete your education or obtain gainful employment after education.