General Counsel Services

If you are starting a charter school,  operate several charter schools,  provide services to charter schools as a charter management organization, or operate charter schools in other states, and are thinking about coming to Florida, we can help you with general counsel services. We have helped charter schools with legal matters  in over 30 Florida School Districts.

When should you contract for general counsel services? Well, if you are  are not large enough to have your own full-time general counsel or legal department, but suspect that you will have questions about complying with state and federal laws, local school district requirements, regulatory compliance, labor or employment law matters, contract reviews and enforcement, licensing or administrative law, you may find it beneficial to contract with us for general counsel services. It may sound like a cliche, but it is more cost effective to get advice up front, than to wait for trouble and then seek counsel. Our early advice tends to be less expensive than paying us for ligation, although we are very comfortable engaging in ligation when needed to get a good result.

Our philosophy in providing general counsel services is to learn and understand you and your business model, so that we will be able to give sound legal advice that furthers your business plans. When possible, we strive to provide legally sound alternative means to reach your business goals: our job is not to just  tell you that there is a legal barrier on the road you want to travel, but to try to map alternative legal strategies to meet your ultimate goals.  If you need specialized advice in an area our firm does not handle, we can help you locate and utilize the best counsel for that need. Mr. Woodring has worked with or supervised hundreds of attorneys from Florida and around the country on varied matters, and his legal management experience is a resource if we are your general counsel.

Please contact us to talk more about what we can offer in the way of general counsel services.