The Florida Constitution  guarantees a voluntary universal pre-K education for all 4 year olds. We  represent Florida VPK Providers in disputes with the Office of Early Learning over continued eligibility to participate in the program, whether the eligibility is threatened by the readiness rates or by Class 1 or Class 2 violations as a result of site inspections by DCF or the local learning coalition, which can bar you from receiving a good cause exemption. See Rule 6M-8.603.

If you are a VPK provider, you need to be very alert to to any inspection reports that find a Class 1 or Class 2 violation, because there is a very limited window of time to challenge these inspection findings, and if not timely challenged one  Class 1 violation or two Class 2 violations can be enough to deny your participation in the program, if you need a good cause exemption because of readiness rates. These violations are defined in CF-FSP Form 5316

The problem is that many providers do not pay attention to the findings in the inspection reports, particularly if no fine is imposed, and then they are surprised when these findings are later used to revoke their eligibility to participate in the program for 5 years, after it is too late to challenge the findings.

Please contact us if you are a VPK provider and have wrongfully been found to have committed a Class 1 or Class 2 violation and need to challenge this determination, or for any other issues relating to your eligibility as a Florida VPK provider.